We are proud to deliver complete art solution to offices, high-end hotels and restaurants, clinics, film productions, public spaces and even private homes, primarily at the Spanish Costa del Sol where we have our offices. Artclub provide original curated art pieces from a small number of promising local Spanish artists. We guarantee that the artworks you acquire through us, are unique, one of a kind. When we on rare occasions offer prints for sale they are numbered copies in very limited editions or custom art made especially for your organization, which will never be sold for anyone else. We take pride in protecting the uniqueness of each artwork we represent.


Art Advisor.

Together, we develop and deliver an exceptional collection of unique artworks, tailored to fit and strengthen the feeling of your brand identity. Including your staff in the selection process enhance the sense of belonging and influence. Also, understand that supporting local emerging artists can be a natural part of your social responsibility investments.


Unique Original Artworks.
Tailored to strengthen brand identity.
Supporting emerging artist as CSR investment.

Try before you buy.

Studies show that art inspire creativity and great pieces tailored to fit your brand identity certainly impress your visitors. Most artworks we have for sale are available for short-term rent which is an excellent way for you to test a specific piece in your environment.


Carefully selected art, inspire creativity and enhance your brand identity.
An opportunity to rent and try in your environment before deciding to buy.


Engage with Art

An increasing number of business acquire art and the results speak their clear language. Businesses which have integrated carefully selected art into their workspaces report increased creativity, elevated productivity, reduced stress, broadened employee appreciation and enhanced morale. Invite artists to talk about artworks hanging on your walls and engage with your staff in a new way.


Depending on your need, a custom solution may be more suitable.
Acquired artworks are protected.
Invite the artist to talk about his work.

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Art as Investment

Art is a way of expression and is therefore the type of communication that throughout history always been ahead of any cultural or political trends. The objective may be to arouse the viewer into another way of understanding reality, to decorate and make a space more pleasant or even to create a sense of feeling that would not be possible without it. A piece of art is not always appreciated by everyone, but when the artist is successful, a deep emotional bridge between the piece and the susceptible viewer is established.


From an practical point of view there are very few items that do not loose value with time. When buying cars, technology and furniture we know that they loose value as soon as they leave the shop. Even real estate which many recognize as more secure investments quickly will be affected by change in political circumstances.

When buying art as an investment it is important verify both the quality and stability of the artists career. The longsighted economic opportunities of investing in pieces made by serious and constant artists, goes far beyond those of trendy, but not very perpetual, ones.

Many artists give up their careers despite of great talent simply because they cannot find a gallery to back them up. We early on saw an opportunity in guiding more artists through the eye of the needle helping them realize their full potential. You invest early on by buying or renting artwork by top emerging artists carefully selected by our team. As we together help artists on their way to fame, we increase the value of your investment. To us that win-win relationship is the soul of our business.

Customized Art

Sometimes customized solutions are most suitable. We rarely do prints as we believe in uniqueness of each artwork, but for hotels or similar businesses with the need to decorate many walls, it may be an option to develop a number of different prints exclusively for your environment. Or perhaps you want an artist to develop a special space in your office? Only imagination sets limits. Let us explore your possibilities together.